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United States                             

Corporate Park III Franklin Township, New Jersey (offices)

Vantage Court Franklin Township, New Jersey (offices)

Franklin 27 Business Park Franklin Township, New Jersey (industrial park)

Barclays Bank Building 75 Wall Street, New York City (offices)

Manhattan Tower 101 East 32nd Street, New York City (offices)

One Wall Street Court, New York City (offices)

Royal Executive Park Rye, New York City (offices)

1200 19th Street Washington, DC (offices)

901 Ponce deLeon Boulevard Coral Gables, Florida (offices)

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United Kingdom

100 Piccadilly, London (offices and residential)

Savoy Court East, Strand, London (offices and residential)

Wigmore Street, London (offices and residential)

Dorchester House, Halesowen, Birmingham (offices)

Redcliffe Way, Bristol (offices)

Lisler Hill, Leeds (offices)

North Street/Skinners Lane, Leeds (offices)

St. Paul’s Street, Leeds (offices)

Long Lane, London (offices)

Newman Street, London (offices)

Trent Bridge, Nottingham (offices)

Low Lane, London (offices)

Woodside Complex, Leeds (offices and commercial)

Capitol Industrial Park, London (industrial/commercial)

Barnwood, Gloucester (industrial park)

Eastern Avenue, Gloucester (industrial park)

Tudor Road, Harrow (industrial park)

Clayton Wood Estate, Leeds (industrial park)

Elland Road, Leeds (industrial park)

Geldard Road, Leeds (industrial park)

Roseville Road, Leeds (industrial park)

Alfred’s Way, Barking, London (industrial park)

Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell, London (industrial park)

Craddock Road, Luton (industrial park)

Fence Avenue, Macclesfield (industrial park)

Piccadilly Trading Estate, Manchester (industrial park)

Robin Hood Street, Nottingham (industrial park)

Wilford, Nottingham (industrial park)

Freeland, Near Oxford (industrial park)

Elgar Estate, Reading (industrial park)

Techno Trading Estate, Swindon (industrial park)

Hyde Park Towers, London (residential)

Kew Park, London (residential)

Queens Terrace, St. John’s Wood London, (residential)

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Square deMeeus, Brussels (offices)

Avenue Nerviens, Brussels (residential)

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Lower Mount Street, Dublin (offices)

South King Street, Dublin (offices)

Upper Hatch Street, Dublin (offices)

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Front de Seine, Paris (offices)

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Amstelveensweg, Amsterdam (offices)

Batenvirendstraat, Rotterdfam (offices)

Casuariestraat, The hague (offices0

S’Hertogenbosch, (industrial park)

Roosendaal, (industrial park)

Kalverstraat, Amsterdam (shopping complex)

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